INTRODUCING: an interactive Journal for kids that allows them to see the light within 
Through My Heart and Eyes
 A Guided Journal for Kids
Are you looking for less screen time, less bickering and less fighting in your home?
Want more connection, more creativity and more love?
Trust me...I was looking for the same thing and had troubles finding it. 
So I created it myself and want to share with you!
This unique guided journal is packed with 60+ pages of journal prompts and activities to get their juices flowing and put their thoughts down on paper. It is the perfect space for your child to express their emotions, feel gratitude and document their daily life.
They will feel empowered to see their individuality and let it shine!
Empower them to see their Light
Imagine a world where every child saw their own worth and didn't rely on sources outside of themselves to provide their value. 

Imagine a world of inspired children who grow up to be inspired adults; a world where love and acceptance are ingrained in each of us.

Now, imagine all of the children close to you owning and documenting their light. See them stand in their greatness each and every day and lead others by their examples. Imagine them with tools of gratitude, love, and forgiveness that when they come to certain choices in their lives, they make the ones that empower them to be the change? 

Are you feeling it? Do you see that it's possible?

It only starts with one. Be the change, be the light! 
Hours of fun and inspiration for ONLY $24.99. 
Includes tax and shipping! 
Multiple copy discounts offered as well!
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  What's inside our 60+ page journal?
The Journal has three sections for hours of fun and engagement!
Section 1: Daily Practices
This section is about doing small daily activities. There is a focus on gratitude, letter writing, being present, music, and other activities that inspire connection.
Section 2: Special Exercises
This section is for those special days where your child could use an outlet to express their emotions. This section also inspires your child to write and release their emotions through different exercises. 
Section 3: Open Pages
This section are open pages to encourage creativity and free writing. Doodle, write and explore! 
Here's some examples to wet your whistle! 
Click on the pictures to enlarge!
  and so much more!
Stefanie Joseph believes that true joy comes from within each of us. As I ventured on my own path of self discovery, I used the common phrase "they are my teachers" referring to my children. However, as mommy doubt set it, I wondered if I was doing enough to assist them in seeing how incredible they are. They heard me say, but did they feel it inside? Did they have their own reminders that they created on the days their own doubts set in? 

That is how Through My Heart and Eyes was birthed. It is my vision to see every child discover their true inner beauty and teach themselves that they are enough. In the process, I see families becoming closer and using these tools to strengthen their relationships and create lasting memories. 

Thank you for taking this journey with us. Be inspired to be the change! 

Much love,
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